The "Original Freundeskreis der Partnerstädte Darmstadts"
(Original Circle of Friends of Darmstadt's Twin Cities)

is an open forum for everybody who would like to

- be informed about Darmstadt's twin cities and international relations,
- participate in the exchange of views,  and
- contribute actively in the civil level.

We are no membership-association, everyone is invited to participate.

On the 26th October 1987 a few Darmstadt citizens and representatives of the Office for City Twinning founded the "Freundeskreis der Partnerstädte Darmstadts" (Circle of Friends of Darmstadt's Twin Cities) in order "to be available for interested fellow citizens in questions of city twinning beyond any form of organization". In addition to information and exchange of views, the areas of private accommodation, language support for visitors and voluntary work in partnership activities were added.

At the end of the 1990s, a registered association developed out of our circle, which under the name of "Freundeskreis der Partnerstädte Darmstadts e.V." took particular care of student exchanges with Ushgorod and tourism in the Carpathian Mountains.
However, since we wanted to remain an open forum for all interested parties and for all partner cities, we have beenn using the name "Original Freundeskreis der
 Partnerstädte Darmstadts" since that time.

Today, more than 200 individuals and representatives of associations and institutions are associated with the Original Freundeskreis der Partnerstädte Darmstadts, and they are contributing with great commitment and expertise to the regular meetings, events and. beyond that, the international partnership work.
The management of our fellowship includes Evelyn & Hajo Schenkelberg
 and Susanne & Bernd Schäfer.
With our  work we render a small but important contribution to international understanding and friendship in Europe and beyond.

We cordially invite you to visit us for a non-binding cooperation and to contact us at [email protected]  or you may use the contact from on the page "Contact".

You will find the next dates of activity on the 1st page "Home" below under
 "Nächste Termine".

Dr. Radegundis Stolze